Training young researchers

And future decision-makers

H-Pod offers several research training opportunities for students preparing master’s degrees and doctorates, as well as for post-doctoral researchers who are interested in the great challenges facing contemporary healthcare systems.

Our courses in comparative and transdisciplinary research aim to train researchers and decision-makers capable of producing cutting-edge scientific knowledge, and so to assist in decision-making and in improving care and healthcare systems.

International seminars

In cooperation with Canadian and European Universities, H-Pod participates in the annual International Seminar in Health Law, which gathers over 30 participants, including Professors and doctoral candidates from Belgium, France, Canada and Switzerland.

The aim of this seminar is to allow doctoral candidates in health law to discuss and develop their ideas in a stimulating international setting. The international seminar was held in Canada in 2017, in Switzerland in 2018 and in Italy in 2019.


Consulting and expertise transfer

H-Pod is particularly proud to provide the opportunity for young researchers to diversify their training by inviting them to participate in innovative expert initiatives on the cutting-edge of law and governance.

By proposing research themes that are both innovative and current, H-Pod gives its students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the world of consulting in health law and policies. This experience can include, for example, the development of charters, white papers, or scientific reports for international organizations and more generally for public and private sector decision-makers.  

Doctoral workshops

In order to best benefit from the emulation of the cutting-edge research environment at University of Montreal, H-Pod regularly organises research workshops that allow students and professors to meet and discuss. The main objective is to allow doctoral candidates the opportunity to show their research projects, and talk about what difficulties they could be having in front of a knowledgeable audience who are familiar with the difficulties and how to solve them.

Research work for a thesis is too often seen as a solitary project, while these workshops are essential for the creation of a real student-researcher community within H-Pod. 

Research internships

H-Pod hosts students from around the world to provide them with training in research. Through the MITACS program in 2019 four bachelor students from Brazil, China, Ukraine and Mexico completed three-month long research internships at H-Pod working on the following themes: the legal framework of AI, the integration of auto-learning systems in healthcare organizations, the role of medical leadership in the reform of healthcare policy, and the integration of World Health Organization directives in Eastern European countries.

International students were also invited to complete short-term research internships at H-Pod to explore a theme or field of study in order to enrich their research project. 

Methodological seminars

H-Pod offers methodological training seminars for students and young researchers who wish to include a transdisciplinary and comparative perspective in their research on healthcare services and policies.

The seminars cover in particular qualitative and quantitative research methods: interviews, observations, documentary studies and questionnaires. They also aim to present the principal epistemological approaches that students and researchers can use to begin a rigorous and ambitious project in the healthcare research field.

Student testimonials