Research at H-Pod

A transdisciplinary and comparative perspective

H-Pod aims to produce and transmit cutting-edge transdisciplinary knowledge and a comparative perspective on the challenges faced by contemporary healthcare systems.

It also relies on close cooperation between governmental decision-makers, managers and practicians to increase the reach of its research.

H-Pod draws on research financed by national and international sources. For example, H-Pod is currently the beneficiary of the following funding:

  • «Academic health centers in Canada: Prospects and challenges for learning health systems», Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada, (2018-2022);
  • «Potentialiser le leadership normatif de l’Organisation mondiale de la santé», Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines (2020-2023);
  • «Responsible Health and Healthcare Data Science», CRSNG & CRSH (2019-2024).

Research themes

Digital innovation and artificial intelligence

Healthcare systems governance, law and policy

Renewal of medical professionalism

Definition and development of innovative models of care and healthcare services (patient advocates, interprofessional cooperation, etc)

Equity in healthcare systems