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Pandemic Societies by Jean-Louis Denis, Catherine Régis, Daniel M. Weinstock with Clara Champagne

Available this fall, Pandemic Societies examines the global pandemic’s implications  in our quotidian and how it significantly altered the way modern societies function nowadays. The authors analyze institutional and social political contexts in which these behavioural changes take place. Their research attempts “to understand how we might act to steer this pandemic society, and how to reinvent institutions and practices that we think of as intrinsically face to face.”

Pandemic Societies is the result of the combined efforts of H-POD and its members. It is edited by  Jean-Louis Denis (co-director of H-POD), Catherine Régis (co-director of H-POD) and Daniel Weinstock (associated researcher of H-POD) with the collaboration of Clara Champagne. Furthermore, many of our young researchers contributed to Pandemic Societies with the chapter A stress test for the World Health Organization (WHO) in a pandemic world: what can we hope for the future. 

Although the book is not yet available, you may pre-order your copy today!