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Leveraging frugal digital technologies to do better with less

Abstract In light of the global digital wave, this conference will explore the notion of frugality to encourage innovative, simplified and green development and use of digital tools and technologies and clarify the role of legal and policy instruments in this endeavor. Frugal innovation is a new paradigm underpinning the development and use of new, positively impactful digital products, services and processes, highly relevant to affordability and sustainability issues gaining global attention. Indeed, digital technologies such as blockchain, robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing or telemedicine clearly entail environmental, societal and economic shortcomings, giving rise to justifiable digital bashing (e.g. “energivore”; heavy metals use; poor waste management; unsafe privacy use; strengthening of inequalities). Frugal innovation however offers valuable lessons for sobering this current digital transformation in industrialized countries by focusing on the “essential”, smart, simple, affordable solutions and proposes to leverage existing and new digital technologies instead of reinventing the wheel. With increasing resource-constrained contexts and triple bottom line focus in industrialized countries, the role of frugality is crucial and the question this conference will seek to answer is: how to incorporate frugality in the current digitalization of users and businesses?

*La conférence se tiendra en français et en anglais*

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