The H-Pod


The Health hub: Politics, Organizations and Law (H-Pod) is a transdisciplinary research laboratory focused on the major transformations that affect healthcare systems.

It is the result of cooperation between the Canada Research Chair in health system design and adaptation held by Professor Jean-Louis Denis, and the Canada Research Chair in collaborative culture in health law and policy held by Professor Catherine Regis.

H-Pod relies on institutional assets for the development of knowledge and cutting-edge expertise in healthcare. Its main partners are the University of Montreal Vice-rectorate of Research, Discovery, Creation and Innovation, the University of Montreal Hospital Research Center (CRCHUM), the University of Montreal Law Faculty, and the School of Public Health.


Vision and missions

H-Pod was founded on the hypothesis that tomorrow’s effective healthcare systems will rely heavily on innovations in healthcare policy, organization and in the law.

Relying on a large network of researchers and students, the Hub aims to produce and share transdisciplinary knowledge and a comparative perspective on the major challenges that affect the evolution of contemporary healthcare systems. Amongst these challenges: artificial intelligence and digital innovation, the renewal of medical professionalism, World Health Organization normative activities, the regulation of new care models (for example, patient advocates)…

H-Pod counts on close cooperation between governmental decision-makers, managers and practicians in order to amplify the reach of its research. Students and researchers – national and international – are in a stimulating research and training environment, as well as in a forum for discussion with decision-makers and practicians.