How does frugal innovation offer a new form of solidarity in a pandemic and post-pandemic context? From Stéphanie Cadeddu et al.

In this special COVID-19 2020 edition of The PhiLanthropic Year, Stéphanie Cadeddu, post-doctoral research fellow at the H-POD, Suchit Ahuja, Ph.D., and Hassane Alami, Ph.D., are the co-authors of the new article on frugal innovation these pandemic times. 


As the present context offers us a set of frugal innovation examples, such as homemade masks, or 3D printed medical components, this article which can be found on page 99 of the review cannot be more pertinent; it offers three key premises of frugal innovation demonstrating its relevance in a pandemic context. 

You can read it here!

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